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The Gambia known as the Smiling Coast of Africa is one of the best holiday resorts in Africa ensuring that visitors will be endowed with a climate of security, tranquillity, friendliness, relaxation and historical places. It is a popular.

The Gambia offers you:

➠ Peaceful, friendliness, tranquillity and relaxing enviroment.

➠ 6 hours journey from major European countries.

➠ Affordable winter resort that will not break the bank.

➠ Eco-Tourism to improve the environment by adobting renewable energies methods.

➠ Security vetted Tours and Excursions guides.

➠ Secure Wide sandy beaches giving total peace of mind.

➠ Warm welcome and friendly indigenous people.

➠ Our Social, political and religious tolerance and stability are second to none.

➠ Historical and commendable places to visit: Jufurreh, bird watching, over 1000 years old Stone Circle, bush and beach safaris, boat trips…


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Stylish global leader of hospitality.

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